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Wealth screening supports marketing activities.

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Marketing & Operations

Marketing and Operations areas often use DonorScape® to perform constituent analysis and audience segmentation, as part of the targeting and a list-building functions needed for events, mailings and campaign management activities. Whether used as augmentation to your existing campaign management software, or as a stand-alone audience segmentation tool, DonorScape® enables marketing and operations personnel to improve targeting, content and placement decisions for events and mailings.

DonorScape® provides the ability to build lists of constituents by accessing any of the more than 500 data points associated with each individual record. Besides institution-specific information, categories used to segment lists include financial, biographic, past giving and philanthropic affiliations.

Marketing and Communications departments can then tag each prospect with one or more custom segment indicators, enabling quick access for targeted mailing lists for annual giving campaigns, member engagement activities and other important communications.

Three critical features are most important to Marketing and Operations:

Demographic Data Appends 

Clients can easily fill in the gaps in critical constituent demographics, and augment their current constituent database with Age, Gender, Marital Status, Children, and indicators of wealth such as Income, Home Value, and Length of Residence. Better addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses ensure the ability to reach prospects, and many clients import these results back into their donor relationship database.

Advanced Segmentation

DonorScape's advanced segmentation feature enables users to build ad hoc queries against all data elements found in the database. Queries can be saved for later use and shared with other members of the organization. Pre-built queries for common searches are also available to you.

List Purchase Options

Grow the prospect pool by acquiring lists of individual names and addresses selected from a combination of demographic, geographic, past charitable giving and other consumer behavior data elements. Our unique approach draws upon our expertise in predictive modeling and market segmentation, as well as data gathered from prospect screening.


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