Takeaways from Giving USA's 2018 Report

The Giving Institute’s 2018 Annual Report on Philanthropy was released on June 12th. In case you missed it, here are some key takeaways from the report.

Comparing EN and ENP Capacity Ratings

Learn how and why to compare DonorScape's Gift Capacity Ratings at Exact & Near versus Exact, Near & Possible.

Administrator Functions

What can Admins do in DonorScape that's different from Base users?

Webcast - Export All

Step by step instructions for how to process DonorScape's "Export All" function, convert text files to Excel, and mine for detail.

Don’t Let Your Ratings Go Stale

You might want to think about refreshing your ratings if it has been more than a year since your prospects were rated in DonorScape.

GG+A research indicates up to 20 percent variance in gift capacity ratings every year. In the example below, 17 percent of the prospect pool changed gift capacity by at least two levels – capacity increased on 13 percent and decreased elsewhere by almost 4…

Why Investments in Supplemental Data Appends are Investments in the Sustainable Success of Your Development Program

Supplemental data is available for just about anything you might want or need – from age, household income, and marital status, to email addresses, cell phone numbers, and places of employment. Such data not only help ensure that you keep in touch with your prospects and donors, but also provide valuable insights, and indicators of philanthropic inclination and potential that can…

Making the Most of DonorScape’s Client Defined Fields

Client Defined Fields may not sound particularly exciting, but give you and your organization an opportunity to really make the most of DonorScape’s powerful prospect research and segmentation tools. This post will help your organization determine the best uses for your client defined fields – yes, all 20 of them! - so that you can search and segment your prospect pool with unprecedented speed, accuracy, and detail.

A Difference of Opinion: When Prospect Wealth Ratings Are At Odds

Prospect Wealth Ratings can be tremendously valuable in setting the stage for an effective major gifts strategy. But when there’s a difference of opinion, who is right?

The True Value of Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics streamlines and complements prospect research. Yet it can also produce candid insights that extend far beyond the obvious applications.

GG+A Case Study: Surveying as Engagement

How do you build a prospect pool that is regular and sustainable and engage the people in that pool as partners? For the University of Queensland, surveys proved to be a valuable strategy for increasing alumni engagement.