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Upcoming DonorScape Webinars: A Case Study From Southern Illinois University & A Case Study from the Lyric Opera of Chicago

DonorScape: A Year in Review and a Look to the Future

2013 marked a big year for DonorScape.  In response to your feedback and evolving industry needs, we launched a completely re-designed user interface with dramatically improved performance and functionality.  The NEW DonorScape represents our huge investment in technology infrastructure and our best thinking in end-user workflows, from research to front-line fundraisers. DonorScape users are now…

Analytics User Groups Convened to Build Community of Experts and Improve Software Applications

Some development analytics issues transcend industries.  Most development research and analytics staffs seek to create a donor pipeline, identify promising prospects, and connect those prospects to the right gift officer so that relationships can begin to form.  Some issues, though, are industry specific – issues about alums, subscription ticket-buyers, patient…

Premiere Chicago Arts and Culture organizations gather to tackle common problems

On a cold January day leaders from leading arts and culture organizations gathered at the GG+A offices to help one another through common problems.  Surveys, peer presentations and candid discussions centered around some of the most vexing topics facing arts and culture organizations:

  • Breaking down silo’s between marketing and philanthropy with the donor in mind
  • Creating…

Innovations in rural real estate coverage from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

DonorScape PRO Certified User Kathy Mills and her team at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center have taken an innovative approach to tracking down prospects with limited asset information.  Many properties in the rural areas around the medical center never appear in Lexis Nexis and other…

Prospect Management Revolution – Early, Promising Returns

Recently, I wrote about the potential of a next-generation model of prospect management and research, known as a “PIM” structure.  PIM stands for Prospect Information Management, and its core tenet is that someone is responsible for managing all the things we know about a…

Using DonorScape Wealth Screening to Inform Prospect Pipelines

Using DonorScape Wealth Screening to Inform Prospect Pipelines by Kat Banakis, Director of Strategic Implementation, Analytics

Announcing DonorScape PRO Certification

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the DonorScape® PRO Certification program.  DonorScape® PRO certified users are those people who have demonstrated expertise of the DonorScape® software and a robust understanding of its application to fuel development work.

DonorScape® PRO Certified individuals can list their certification on their LinkedIn profiles…

Discover the GG+A Quarterly Review

Featuring original data, reporting and analysis on a variety of fundraising and philanthropic management topics, the GG+A Quarterly Review is an indispensable resource in the international fundraising community.

Summer 2013 Quarterly Review

Discussed in this issue:

  • How different functional areas are collaborating to develop, identify, cultivate and engage constituents
  • Why…

Annual Fund Improvement Techniques Webinar

Please join me and my colleague Fanny…