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Development Leadership

Known as the most data-driven management consultant in the industry, Grenzebach Glier and Associates built a leading wealth screening software suite in order to facilitate our consultants’ efforts to maximize your philanthropic performance through evidence-based decisions that are driven by a rigorous analytics effort.

“Strategy beyond screening” describes our philosophy of using the DonorScape® platform to help you generate sustainable and continuous improvement of fundraising.

Three features in DonorScape® are most used by Advancement Leaders.

Major Gift Portfolio Analysis

Our major gift portfolio analysis process helps advancement leaders and gift officer managers optimize the size and composition of each gift officer's portfolio of prospects. By scoring households' capacity and propensity to give major, planned and annual gifts, each fundraiser can focus on only the best and most likely donors. Assignments and reports are available in DonorScape®, and can easily be syncronized with your Donor Relationship Management system.

Insight Reporting

Building on more than twenty years of prospect intelligence experience, DonorScape® includes at-a-glance prospect pool statistics parameterized reporting of aggregate metrics that advancement leaders need most. The Insight Reporting capabilities are focused on the areas of major gift potential, prospect prioritization, gift progression and donor maturity planning. All insights include guided analysis advice to focus your attention.

Performance Management

As an advisor to some of the most successful fundraising institutions in the world, and having screened more than 300 million records, GG+A is able to provide built-in benchmarking for both the composition and fundraising activity of your prospect and donor pool. This enables development leaders to quickly identify opportunities for improvement.

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Case Study:

Cornell University received the largest individual gift in its history.




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