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Prospect Research & Analysis

Prospect Research departments and gift officers use DonorScape® to develop robust intelligence about their target prospects across a range of data points, ultimately leading to their determination of probable gift size, type of gift, usage designation, and timing. When it comes to prospect intelligence, DonorScape® was developed with fundraisers and their support teams in mind and features intuitive workflows organized around three basic concepts:

Exploring Prospects - Search for a hundred prospects or one, then drill down into the summary and details of each prospect's financial, biographic, giving, philanthropic affiliation history.

Generating Insights - Prioritization and optimization of the entire prospect pool is made easy through the use of pre-defined guided analysis reports.

Adding Prospects -Flexible options for adding a single new prospect, uploading batches of new records or automating nightly screening of new patients, members or students.

Of critical importance to the researcher, Grenzebach Glier and Associates not only includes wealth, biographical, and affiliation data from a range of trusted sources, but the results are transparent and we show you exactly what we found to drive our ratings and support your research.

Beyond the feature-functionality, information and technology that comprises the application, three areas are most often considered by prospect research:

Wealth Screening (Capacity)

It’s important to understand that GG+A's Wealth Screening process does not estimate net worth or assume that a specific portion of an asset is “giftable.” Instead, our methodology creates a likely giving profile. Each prospect receives an overall Gift Capacity Rating with a corresponding dollar value estimate, defined as an individual's capacity to make a gift over five years to his or her favorite institution.

Predictive Modeling (Propensity)

GG+A's Predictive Modeling takes prospect intelligence to another level, adding premium third-party demographic information and attributes critical to each client situation (e.g. past giving). Analytic modeling then generates independent scores for different types and levels of giving, and results in a predictive rating for each prospect’s propensity to give to the institution. Results are highly customized to each project and reflect your own unique fundraising environment.

Transparent and Flexible Matching

DonorScape® assigns each data point one of four accuracy levels, reported as a Match Quality Rating. This rating allows the researcher to check the confidence level for each result, and decide whether to research prospects in-depth, or work more quickly using only the most accurate summary data. All capacity and propensity scoring automatically adjusts based on the researcher's changes and match level selected.

The DonorScape® team really took the time to listen and understand the needs of the University. We've been able tailor our use of DonorScape® to address a range of issues throughout the Advancement office.End Quote
Leslie Taylor Gonnella Executive Director, Advancement Operations and Campaign Planning, Valparaiso University

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DRIVE 2014 Presentations

Creighton Lang, Senior Vice President, Analytics, and Paul Mateo, Vice President, Analytics, presented at the DRIVE 2014 Summit in Seattle. Creighton's presentation was titled "In-house Advancement Analytics Competency: Practical Advice and Examples to Help You Build an Analytics Roadmap" and Paul's presentation was titled "Making the Most of Your Prospect Screening Investment." Click here to watch a recording of Paul's presentation. 

Upcoming Webinar Series:

Data-Driven Development 101: Lightning fast ways to use prospect data to gain efficiency throughout your development shop. 

Join us for a lunchtime flash series. Each 20-minute session will feature quick tips and ideas from industry experts on how to use what you already know about your donors to make smarter decisions around strategic planning, donor prioritization, and time management.

Webinar: Donor Analytics and Gift Officer Strategy

October 30, 2014

Angela Young, Vice President, Grenzebach Glier and Associates and former Executive Director of Development at Rice University, will present insights on donors’ geographic, interest, and capacity attributes can provide powerful tools for managers. 

Click here to register.

Webinar: Building a Real Time Affinity Score

November 20, 2014

Joseph Calger, Senior Vice President for Advancement Services, Grenzebach Glier and Associates and former Director, Development Services at University Hospitals of Cleveland, will present on using your database to create a fast, reliable affinity score for existing and future prospects so that you can focus qualification on those prospects who have shown your organization the most attention.

Click here to register.

Webinar: Speedy Research Verification

December 4, 2014

Jennifer Filla, president and founder of Aspire Research Group LLC and the Prospect Research Institute and co-author of Prospect Research for Fundraisers: The Essential Guide, part of the Wiley/AFP Fund Development Series, and Kat Banakis, Director, Strategic Implementation, GG+A Analytics, present quick research tips to verify a prospect’s capacity and interests from one of the leading prospect researchers in the country.

Click here to register.  

Recent Webinar:

Beyond What They Ate For Lunch: Making the Most of Contact Reports

Dan Lowman, Senior Vice President, Analytics, presents: Beyond What They Ate For Lunch: Making the Most of Contact Reports. This session will address how to work with gift officers to improve contact reports, and cover how to use that information to improve capacity ratings, develop prospect strategies, and determine interest areas.

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