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Use frequent wealth screening to identify major gift prospects.

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Wealth Screening: Arts, Culture, & More

Museums, fine arts, performing arts, public television and radio, zoos and many other non-profits are leveraging the wealth screening tools of DonorScape® to build a pipeline of donors.

The process starts by uploading a database of members, visitors, ticket-holders, and other constituents to gain immediate information about gift capacity. Whether your fundraising campaign will begin with direct mail, web-based solicitation, or a phone campaign, DonorScape® wealth screening reports for your data help you target the right prospects and execute a successful fundraising or gift campaign.

Through active programming schedules, arts and cultural institutions consistently have new prospects visiting the institution. These patrons already have a strong affinity to the institution. A frequent screening program is essential to identifying these individuals and building a pipeline of new annual and major/planned giving prospects for upcoming initiatives.

Frequent and ongoing screening of subscribers and ticket buyers enables you to uncover highly capable individuals that may not be in your annual giving or major gift prospect pipelines. Implementation of a frequent (daily, weekly, or monthly) screening process will enable your institution to be more strategic and successful in your fundraising initiatives. It allows you to more quickly identify and begin cultivation of those prospects with the most potential to help your institution achieve its philanthropic objectives. DonorScape’s fully automated process delivers prospect analysis results to development staff within hours, giving you the greatest opportunity for cultivation and stewardship.

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wealth screening for arts and culture fundraising

Membership and ticket-based non-profits use frequent wealth screening to build their pipeline of major gift prospects.

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