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Accurate, detailed and transparent wealth data.

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Data and Information

The true value of DonorScape® is found in breadth, depth and accuracy of the information available throughout the application.

Data Sources, Data Feeds & Data Elements

Every wealth screening company will talk about the breadth of data sources they include. DonorScape® values premium data and feels the raw data elements are only the beginning. For more information on our data partners, please refer to our partner page.

Standardization, Match, Merge & Householding

Critical to our success in delivering you the most accurate information about your prospects is the process of standardizing name, address and other identifying elements of a record, and then executing a matching and householding algorithm that scores every potential match with configurable accuracy ratings that we call MatchSelect™.

Client Customizable Attributes & Data Points

Every client needs the ability to store their own unique information and DonorScape® enables this through customizable attribute fields that can be named, viewed, queried, imported and exported in the application.

Capacity & Propensity Scoring

Every constituent in the database is screened for their capacity to give. When combined with our advanced predictive modeling, both capacity and propensity scores are available to guide research, marketing and fundraisers in their day-to-day efforts.

Social Network

Sometimes it is advantageous to use a person's friends, family or other corporate and individual affiliations to help with introductions or solicitations. DonorScape®'s Social Network function enables you to see a prospect's affiliated parties, including identification of those person's also in your donor pool.