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DonorScape® Data Providers

DonorScape® works with the following companies that provide premium data sources in the areas of hard-asset, demographic, biographic and giving history.

Acxiom – Multiple sources to identify key demographic characteristics such as presence and age of children, and wealth indicators such as estimated income and home value.

Claritas (Nielsen) – Used for PRIZM Lifestyle Segments which combine demographic and consumer behavior data to help you identify, understand and target your prospects.

Dun & Bradstreet – Besides educational and corporate biographical information, DonorScape® uses multiple feeds to identify business ownership, equity and leadership positions in both public and private companies.

Lexis-Nexis – DonorScape® uses multiple data feeds from this leading national aggregator of real estate records which contains information on over 70,000,000 properties.

Reuters – Multiple sources that identify public company leaders, often including detailed biographical, company and compensation information.

InfoUSA (CorpTech) – Provides detailed information such as business ownership, equity, and leadership positions within the technology segment of privately-owned businesses among private technology company executives.

Marquis Who’s Who – Sources extensive biographical details using more than 15 directories containing over 1.5mm leaders and achievers from around the world in all fields of endeavor.

VeriGift by iWave – VeriGift by iWave is the fastest growing and most up-to-date database of individual, corporate, and foundation charitable gifts in the industry. Make more educated major gift asks, predict future giving, and determine philanthropic inclination by better understanding past charitable giving history to nonprofit organizations. VeriGift upgrades its database by more than two million new gift records each month, making VeriGift data a leading source for philanthropic analytics.

GuideStar – DonorsScape® uses multiple data feeds containing information on individuals serving on nonprofit boards or acting as trustees of charitable foundations at more than 850,000 501(c)(3) organizations.

Larkspur Data Resources – Data sources that provide information on significant assets of self-employed individuals and participants in more than 2.5mm qualified pension plans.

EDGAR (SEC) – Contains feeds of data from official SEC equity, option and derivative insider trader transactions and holdings data.

Federal Election Commission – DonorScape® uses various FEC data feeds containing both political contributions data and political/business affiliations information that is aggregated from actual financial disclosure reports filed by House, Senate, and presidential campaigns, political parties, and political action committees.


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