May 4, 2018

Foundations Would Do More Good if They Embraced the Unknown
Want Your Endowment to Grow? Try Diversifying Your Investment Team
Obama Foundation announces new public library branch
Revelations Over Koch Gifts Prompt Inquiry at George Mason University
A tale of two tax deduction bills in New Jersey
Documents Show George Mason U. Gifts Gave Koch Foundation Say on Faculty Hires
University of Louisville sues ex-President Ramsey and others in bid to recover millions
Working With Donor-Advised Funds: The Basics
Online Fundraising: 4 Standouts in Crowdfunding and Giving Days


April 27, 2018

U. of Louisville Sues Former President Over Misuse of Foundation Funds
University of San Diego gets $10 million gift to improve engineering
How biotech investor Bill Bowes gave the San Francisco Conservatory a huge boost
Study Tallies 260,000 Foundations Worldwide, With Education as Top Cause
6 Ways to Build a Strong Monthly Giving Program
 Sharp Mary Birch Receives $5M Donation to Give Babies the Best Start in Life
Rock Hall Receives Historic $10 Million Grant From KeyBank Foundation
Tisch Fund Gives $10 Million to Initiative for Arts and Mental Health
From the Chinese government to the Koch Brothers, outside donors receive scrutiny at Texas universities
Loeb Donates $15 Million to Success Academy for High Schools


April 24, 2018

Announcing the University of Pennsylvania’s Landmark Fundraising and Engagement Campaign to Strengthen World Impact


April 23, 2018

Alice Ayres named President & Chief Executive Officer of AHP
Harvard Raises $9.1 Billion in Capital Campaign


April 20, 2018

Are Proposals to Tax Credit Unions a New Nonprofit Policy Front?
Frost Science Museum Still Not So Good at Math?
Collateral Damages: The Broken Crockery Approach of “New Philanthropy”
United Way thought strategically, but not maturely
China Tries Private University Model
Mount Ida College to Close, With Campus Going to UMass
Facebook Scandal Unlikely to Transform Charity Fundraising, Experts Say


April 16, 2018

Expert: Charities should seek corporate donors after tax-law change
Tax law changes raise the price for college football and basketball fans
New Federal Tax Law Could Dampen UConn Fundraising
Air Force Museum Foundation picks chief development officer
Wisconsin Historical Museum fundraising for a $120 million rebuild
New York's Metropolitan Museum Announces Max Hollein As New Director
UConn Gives raises over $260,000
Purdue announces unprecedented 7th straight year of tuition freeze: Fundraising hit an annual record of $351.9 million
Penn kicks off most ambitious fundraising campaign in University history


April 12, 2018 

UWF sets fundraising record
Construction of UNLV medical school likely to be delayed amid Jessup departure, lackluster fundraising
Auburn University fundraising campaign finishes with $1.2 billion
When City Hall Wants a Grant: Philanthropy’s Growing Presence in Municipal Governments
5 Strategies to Turning Corporate Donors Into Volunteers
Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Why Severing Ties with a Toxic Donor Isn't So Simple
Who Foots Most of the Bill for Public Colleges? In 28 States, It’s Students
Small Nonprofits Can Have a Major Gift Program, Too!
Make It So: A Partner Paradigm Between Executive and Board
A Nonprofit's Guide: Boosting Corporate Donations & Sponsorships