Is DonorScape the Wealth Screening Tool for Me?

DonorScape may be the perfect wealth screening tool for you and your fundraising staff if you want to:

Qualify Potential Donors

DonorScape is the most comprehensive hard-asset wealth screening and donor research tool available today. From the Philanthropic Analytics Division of Grenzebach Glier and Associates, DonorScape applies wealth screening analysis to each of your donor prospects.

Screen All of My Prospects and Keep the Data Current

Are you concerned about missed opportunities because you can’t afford to screen prospect data as often as you really need to? DonorScape makes frequent, ongoing donor screening a reality. Enjoy unlimited Web access and screen up to 1 million records per year (contact us about screening more than 1 million records), at an annual affordable fixed cost.

Build a Grateful Patient Program

Secure, continuous wealth screening of patients and guarantors can help you find prospects for your healthcare organization’s fundraising programs. And DonorScape Frequent Wealth Screening provides daily analysis of all your new patients.

See the Underlying Wealth Data

Wealth screening is more than a rating for each person in your database. DonorScape permits you to view all data that goes into our prospect ratings. With DonorScape, nothing is hidden. You can access up to 500 points of data.

Generate Custom Wealth Screening Reports

DonorScape allows you to generate wealth screening reports using your own prospect data. Choose from one of many built-in reports or build your own with custom queries. You apply the match level you want to generate a list of prospects. You can route custom reports (available in MS Word or Excel) directly to your fundraising staff.

I’m very happy that we are continuing to work with GG+A on multiple fronts. I was very successful in bringing the DonorScape data into our database. I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and it’s already helping the development staff and leadership tremendously.

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Identify Prospects for Personal Follow-up

DonorScape tearsheets give you complete wealth screening data on individual prospects for personal follow-up. You’ll understand each prospect’s gift capacity and be able to estimate a solicitation amount.

Build a Targeted Fundraising List

Based on the criteria you select, you can export wealth screening results from your database to a spreadsheet for targeted fundraising such as direct mail, email, telephone campaigns, and more.

Analyze Data from Donor Management Software

DonorScape fully integrates with your Donor Management Software (DMS) system so that you can wealth screen your own data and identify prospects most likely to give.