Client Success Story: Hoag Hospital Foundation


Then, Today, and Tomorrow

Hoag Hospital Foundation is responsible for raising philanthropic support for Hoag, a nonprofit regional health care delivery network in Orange County, California. Founded in 1978, Hoag Hospital Foundation’s continued goal is to maintain its support of Hoag through the community’s aid and keep Hoag at the forefront of exceptional care.

New Major Gift Donors

A Hoag Hospital Foundation Representative said, “Within 18 months of conducting our most recent comprehensive DonorScape® philanthropic analytics project, we closed 29 major gifts for $9.5 million from new major gift donors that we would not have known to engage without the insights provided by DonorScape.”

Operating chiefly under major gift donations from grateful patients, prospect research helps feed the major gift pipeline. One of the annual organizational goals is to qualify a minimum of 225 new prospective major gift donors. To achieve this, Hoag Hospital Foundation uses DonorScape to identify the right prospects to approach.

Prioritizing Donors

As an essential tool for many nonprofit organizations, wealth screening enables those who use it to identify the untapped giving potential within their donor databases. Understanding the capacity, propensity and affinity of each donor allows Hoag Hospital Foundation to clearly set priorities, and focus resources and efforts on the right donors.

Relying on DonorScape to identify the best possible donors can save time and resources. “DonorScape makes it simple to prioritize which donors to spend time and resources cultivating to get the best results,” said a Hoag Hospital Foundation Representative.

DonorScape® is proud to serve Hoag Hospital Foundation and provide the information necessary to guarantee its ongoing success.



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