More New Features

September 17, 2018
More New Features

Over the next few weeks, we’re unrolling descriptions of new and improved features so that our users know what to expect when DonorScape 3.0 is released this fall. Here’s more about Individual Search, Bulk Uploads, and Mobile.

Instant Individual Search: Instantly add one prospect at a time

With every search, DonorScape can provide information about an individual prospect’s assets, corporate and nonprofit affiliations, biographical details, and charitable and political giving. You have the flexibility to look up new leads as they come across your desk.

How is it going to be different?

While you have always had the flexibility to screen one prospect at a time, the new interface will make it easier to find asset details even if you have limited details. We’ll make suggestions to fill in the missing information and you’ll get reliable capacity information.

Rapid Bulk Uploads: Upload thousands of names at once in any format

Smarter. Faster. Easier. Without a template, you can upload lists of event attendees, alumni, parents, patients, members, donors, patrons, or volunteers, and get capacity ratings and underlying data in minutes.

Did you say any format?

While you can still use the existing template to add new prospects, you now have the option to upload files using your preferred format and column headers. With this new process, columns in your spreadsheet can be easily mapped to the corresponding fields in your DonorScape account and the system will remember that mapping the next time you upload a file. It will be a much more user-friendly experience and we’ll alert you to any problems and help you solve for them more effectively up front.

Take DonorScape with You: Accessible from any device at any time

Not in front of a computer? Research and qualify prospects on the move. A new responsive interface offers the same power, functionality, and capabilities of your desktop on any device.

What does this mean for you?

A mobile-friendly, responsive interface that looks great on your phone or tablet. Your prospect intelligence is more accessible than ever before. 

What other enhancements is DonorScape planning to release?

Keep an eye on your email and this blog for more feature descriptions. Follow @DonorScape on Twitter and join the LinkedIn User Group to connect with your industry peers.