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DonorScape® Training & Support

While the software is designed to be so intuitive you do not need training, every client receives premium support with no additional fees.

Our training and support services include:

  • Initial training enablement via one-on-one or small group sessions
  • Advancement Services data interchange specs and calls
  • Support setting up extract/imports for donor management systems
  • Personal, same-day response to all technical inquiries
  • Complimentary monthly training webinars

Self-Service Support Website

In addition to guided analysis recommendations, tool tips, documentation and other context-sensitive help options found within DonorScape®, clients can also access the support.donorscape.com site containing:

  • User Manuals
  • Job Aides
  • References (meta-data)
  • FAQs


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I've worked with many companies where one person provides excellent service, but everyone I've worked with on DonorScape, from sales to technical staff, has been excellent.End Quote
Andrea Mize, Development Analyst, Gonzaga University

Complimentary Training Webinars

GG+A is pleased to announce a series of complimentary training webinars open to all DonorScape® users. These training sessions are ideal for both new users looking to orient themselves to the application, and for existing users who want a refresher.

Click here for training webinars.