Grateful Patient Wealth Screening

Prospect Intelligence for Healthcare

Energize your grateful patient program with DonorScape’s capacity-to-give metrics.

When it comes to implementing grateful patient programs, DonorScape is the daily prospect intelligence tool of choice among the nation’s leading healthcare organizations. By embedding the accumulated knowledge of Grenzebach Glier and Associates’ fundraising best practices into the workflow of the tool, DonorScape is a critical technology enabler for staff in several areas of the hospital.

Better Patient Touchpoints

Leading organizations use DonorScape to facilitate effective and efficient patient advocate visits and post-discharge satisfaction surveys and focus groups. By combining daily wealth screening of patients, patient families, and guarantors with both inpatient and outpatient admission and discharge events, patients are engaged by the right person at the right time.

HIPAA-compliant Automation

Our DonorScape team works with your IT staff to implement a secure, fully-automated bridge that enables overnight wealth screening of all new donor prospects. The infrastructure and process are fully HIPAA-compliant and use leading industry standard frameworks and best practices. Best of all, results are available at the beginning of your day and accessible through a number of platforms including a desktop browser and tablet. You can also receive email alerts when results are ready.

Comprehensive Fundraising Strategy

Beyond daily wealth screening, DonorScape enables leaders to optimize their entire prospect management process. By including other constituent groups such as doctors, staff, and board members, your grateful patient coordinators are able to look for additional relationships between people, often times identifying opportunities to influence giving behavior that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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