More Integration Options

Streamline your access to enhanced prospect data

DonorScape offers multiple ways to integrate its wealth and philanthropic data with yours. Plug into our API* or link directly from your database to DonorScape for detailed prospect information in just one click. Contact us to learn more about additional integration options and which one will work best for you.

Dependable On-Time Results

Automate timely and secure delivery of prospect information and results

When you send prospect data to DonorScape’s secure platform, the system automatically—and reliably—delivers comprehensive wealth and philanthropic information. Save time by setting up regular file transfers at a frequency that’s right for your organization.

Presentation Ready Reports

Get qualifying prospect information when you need it the most

Our presentation ready reports contain all the data necessary to quickly qualify and take action on your prospects. With one click, you can put these reports straight into the hands of your fundraisers with confidence.

Instant Individual Search

Instantly add one prospect at a time

With every search, DonorScape can provide information about an individual prospect’s assets, corporate and nonprofit affiliations, biographical details, and charitable and political giving. You have the flexibility to look up new leads as they come across your desk.

Powerful Prospect Segmentation

Identify and prioritize using criteria that you define

Choose from any of the hundreds of data points that DonorScape provides, such as real estate, charitable giving*, and corporate affiliation to get the lists your teams need.

Rapid Bulk Uploads

Upload thousands of names at once in any format

Smarter. Faster. Easier. Without a template, you can upload lists of event attendees, alumni, parents, patients, members, donors, patrons, or volunteers, and get capacity ratings and underlying data in minutes.

Workflows that Match Yours

Use the most intuitive interface available

Whether you are identifying new prospects, qualifying your existing constituents, segmenting your database, or analyzing your organization's capacity, DonorScape offers a simple and effortless interface.

Take DonorScape with You

Accessible from any device at any time

Not in front of a computer? Research and qualify prospects on the move. A new responsive interface offers the same power, functionality, and capabilities of your desktop on any device.

Stop Guessing, Start Asking

Eliminate the guesswork and rely on data-informed ask amounts

The best possible ask guidance based on our analysis of over 500 million donor records. DonorScape gathers and analyzes hundreds of data points on individuals' assets, charitable and political giving, biographical details, and corporate and nonprofit affiliations using only the most trusted, premier, and compliant sources.

*some features arriving this fall

New DonorScape FAQs

What is DonorScape 3.0

DonorScape 3.0 is the next generation of DonorScape’s online platform for prospect research and intelligence. DonorScape 3.0 uses the same capacity and match methodology that you have relied on, but with a fresh user interface and easy to use workflows. DonorScape 3.0 makes building successful fundraising programs easier and faster, allowing you to understand your constituent’s wealth, corporate and nonprofit affiliations, philanthropic interests, affinity, and propensity to give.

What will DonorScape 3.0 cost my organization?

Nothing! Your account will be automatically transitioned when the platform is released this fall. There’s no associated cost to our clients and no action that you need to take in order to experience the new DonorScape.

What are the differences between the current DonorScape and DonorScape 3.0?

Some of the differences include a more user-friendly and mobile-responsive interface, new and enhanced features designed to improve the overall customer experience based on your feedback.

How do I log in to DonorScape 3.0 once it’s released?

Logging in to DonorScape 3.0 will be exactly the same process as logging in to your current DonorScape account. If you haven’t done so already, you can bookmark for convenient access.

Is my password the same for DonorScape and DonorScape 3.0?

Yes, your username and password credentials will remain the same.

What happens to my current screening results and saved searches?

Your screening results will not be impacted in any way except for how they look on your screen. The underlying data and our methodology is not changing – we’re just improving your user experience by making it easier to search for and add new prospects, among other enhancements. Any saved searches will be carried over into the new DonorScape and function in the same ways.

Will I receive training for DonorScape 3.0?

Absolutely! There will be a training webinar hosted on September 21 that will walk through the new interface and common workflows including how to search for prospects, add new prospects, and interpret match data. Sign up for the webinar here – if you can’t join us during the live training you can watch the recordings that will be emailed to current users afterwards.

Where can I find more information?

We will be sending out emails to our current users on a regular basis to keep you informed. You can also stay connected on social media by joining the LinkedIn DonorScape User Group, or following us on Twitter @DonorScape.