Wealth Screening


Features & Benefits

Wealth Screening Feature-Functionality

DonorScape Wealth Screening matches your donor and prospect data to the most respected public databases to provide actionable insights on individuals’ wealth, affiliation, and political and charitable contribution data. DonorScape analysis is grounded in sound statistical technique, verifiable gift data, and information about fundraising trends derived from more than 300 million records analyzed over the past 25 years.

Screenshot of Wealth Screening chart

Natural Workflows

DonorScape supports users with natural work flows, fast results, intuitive screens, and navigation that make task completion clear and efficient.

Actionable Insights

DonorScape is built on the thought leadership and experience of GG+A to combine constituent segmentation, coverage reports, and segment targeting clarity leaving the user with not only wealth data, but actionable insights to transform your fundraising.

Detailed Drill-downs

With a simple and intuitive interface, you can efficiently navigate from a high-level segmentation of your constituency to detailed prospect list exports, or from pre-defined to highly customized prospect profiles.