• GG+A is a full-service philanthropic management consulting firm, founded in 1961,with principal offices in Chicago and London + The firm serves more than 300 academic,medical, cultural, and other non-profit clients with almost $60 billion in client initiatives currently under management
  • GG+A pioneered wealth screening in 1986 and launched DonorScape – the first completely online, web-based product of its kind – in 2004
  • Since the late 1980s, GG+A has screened over several hundred million records from more than 2,000 non-profit organizations
  • GG+A’s unique methodology for assessing gift capacity enables GG+A to deliver the most reliable and realistic gift capacity ratings on the market

Reliable data is critical to the creation and maintenance of a culture of philanthropy

  • Understand who among the constituency has the capacity to support your organization
  • Ensure high-value prospects are under active management, and properly cultivated and engaged
  • Determine appropriate ask amounts and make asks with confidence
  • Realize sustainable philanthropic growth and fundraising success

Records are screened against more than 20 national databases of publicly available wealth, hard asset, and charitable giving information

  • GG+A’s Wealth Screening process does not estimate net worth or assume that a specific portion of an asset is “giftable;” rather, our methodology creates a likely giving profile based on similar donors’past behaviors

All records receive a Gift Capacity Rating with a corresponding dollar value estimate, defined as an individual’s capacity to make a “stretch” gift over five years to his or her favorite charitable organization

GG+A returns every piece of data it finds, allowing staff to continue tracking prospect wealth and affiliation .