DonorScape’s Likelihood Ratings




You may have noticed a change in the DonorScape platform – what used to be called “Major Gift Ratings” are now “Likelihood to Give” Ratings. This change is simply an update to the terminology. It does not represent a shift in GG+A’s methodology for how the ratings are derived or how they should be interpreted. Your A, B, and C rated households are your best prospects for near-term solicitation – they are most likely to support your institution.

We are making this change to better align the description of this rating with how it should be used. This rating is an indicator of how likely a prospect is to support your organization when they are effectively engaged, cultivated, and solicited.

The rating is described in exactly the same manner – DonorScape’s Likelihood Rating indicates a prospect’s likelihood to make a gift to your organization at their rated capacity level. It does not suggest any specific dollar value, rather a stronger or weaker affinity for your organization relative to the other members of your prospect pool. This rating is based on participation factors unique to the organization where present, demographics, giving to your organization, and other factors.

When combined with Gift Capacity Ratings, GG+A’s Likelihood Ratings quickly and efficiently identify your highest-value prospects. Run the Capacity and Likelihood Report to get a better understanding of your institution’s distribution of high priority prospects. 

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