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Don’t Let Your Ratings Go Stale

You might want to think about refreshing your ratings if it has been more than a year since your prospects were rated in DonorScape.

GG+A research indicates up to 20 percent variance in gift capacity ratings every year. In the example below, 17 percent of the prospect pool changed gift capacity by at least two levels – capacity increased on 13 percent and decreased elsewhere by almost 4 percent.

Ask about the update and refresh process for your DonorScape account in order to maintain the latest prospect intelligence.

  1. Update – send us updated data from your database, including new home and business addresses, spouse names, employer names, and recent major gift amounts and dates. The updated information is carefully imported into your existing DonorScape account by GG+A analysts.
  2. Refresh – once the update process is complete, we re-screen all of your prospects against our data sources to uncover new matches that produce fresh intelligence.
  3. New Gift Capacity Ratings – after the refresh your DonorScape account will reflect any updated capacity ratings based on your most current data and new significant public source matches.

GG+A’s DonorScape Wealth Screening combines fundraising expertise with donor analytics to deliver solutions that propel philanthropic missions. Because at GG+A, our mission is advancing yours.

Don’t let your ratings go stale. Contact us today about your account update and refresh by email at [email protected] or call us at 800-728-4040.


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