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Even More New Features

Over the next few weeks, we’re unrolling descriptions of new and improved features so that our users know what to expect when DonorScape 3.0 is released this fall. Here’s more detail about integration options, prospect reports, and segmentation.

More Integration Options: Streamline your access to enhanced prospect data

DonorScape offers multiple ways to integrate its wealth and philanthropic data with yours. Plug into our API or link directly from your database to DonorScape for detailed prospect information in just one click.

Ok, but what does this mean for you?

DonorScape is in the final stages of creating an API and we already have a partnership with Ellucian Advance. If you have a different database vendor, connect us and we’ll provide them with our API guide for software developers.

Another new integration option includes setting up direct links. In addition to importing capacity ratings, you can import unique links into each prospect record that will bring users from your database straight to that prospect’s DonorScape wealth match page. Even without a DonorScape login, fundraisers can see capacity scores and underlying details including charitable giving and corporate and non-profit affiliations.

Ask us about the right integration option for you by contacting [email protected]


Presentation Ready Reports: Get qualifying prospect information when you need it the most

Our presentation ready reports contain all the data necessary to quickly qualify and take action on your prospects. With one click, you can put these reports straight into the hands of your fundraisers with confidence.

Ok, that seems very straightforward, but tell me more.

We heard your feedback loudly and clearly. With our newly re-designed prospect reports, you’ll be able to download DonorScape ratings, asset and philanthropic details into a format that everyone can quickly and easily interpret. You save time. Your fundraisers get what they need. Your organization profits!


Powerful Prospect Segmentation: Identify and prioritize using criteria that you define

Choose from any of the hundreds of data points that DonorScape provides, such as real estate, charitable giving, and corporate affiliation to get the lists your teams need.

What does this mean for you?

It is going to be much easier to drill down on your existing prospects based on specific search criteria. Want to see everyone with more than one piece of real estate? No problem. Everyone assigned to a specific fundraiser or department? Easier than ever before. The re-imagined search and filter feature will gain more and more functionality, so let us know how you want to segment!


What other enhancements is DonorScape planning to release?

Keep an eye on your email and this blog for more feature descriptions. Follow @DonorScape on Twitter and join the LinkedIn User Group to connect with your industry peers.


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